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Infrastructure Scalability and Datacenter Design for VDI

We’re all familiar with the concept of the core four resources: CPU, Memory, Network and Storage.  These days, we tend to combine CPU and Memory into a single “Compute” resource (since they are both contained within a single object, the ESXi host), but the concept still holds.  When we’re talking about resource utilization for a VDI solution, we’re usually concerned with Compute resources and Storage resources; PCoIP, RDP, ICA – they’re all pretty efficient protocols, so even a single gigabit adapter provides more than enough bandwidth for the VMs on most VDI ESXi hosts (IP based storage, on the other hand, might see more benefit from additional bandwidth).
So, how do we scale our Compute and Storage resources, as the project advances from POC to Pilot to a phased production rollout?  The answer to that question depends on how your infrastructure was designed – it was designed to be scalable, right?  At a high level, I’m seeing two different movements within the industry right now – …