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Reporting Systems that use KMS

I was helping a customer resolve an issue with their KMS server recently and we decided that we'd like to get a look at which systems were actually using it, instead of just looking at the total number of systems as displayed by slmgr /dlv.  I couldn't find any slmgr switches that looked like they'd generate a report with this data, but my customer pointed out that we could find it in the event logs (under the Key Management Service grouping), but that it'd be a pain to go through all of the events and pull out the client names.  Well, you can probably guess where this is going - I put together a quick script to do exactly that!This is a really quick and dirty script; I built it to run on the KMS server and generate a table with the client ID in one column and a list of client computer names in the other.  Why is it a list of client computer names?  Well, this particular customer is running a VDI environment and there can be a bit of a problem with KMS and Instant Clo…