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NSX Firewall Migrations: Progressive Microsegmentation

We've been hard at work lately doing a large NSX Firewall migration, which hasn't lent itself particularly well to blog posts (since all of the scripts that we've created have been so customer-environment specific).  I've realized that the high-level process that we've created could be helpful for other people doing similar migrations though, so I figured that I'd go ahead and write about it!

This migration has specifically been from a set of standard NSX firewall rules to a set of NSX policies.  Our goal with the creation of these policies has not been to recreate the existing rule structure, but rather to create a new policy structure that keeps everything running and really emphasizes manageability and progressive microsegmentation.

First, I need to explain our concept of progressive micosegmentation.  Microsegmentation is basically the practice of creating policies to allow only the minimally required traffic into and out of each VM.  This is a very difficu…