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App Volumes 2.10 vs. 3.0

One of my customers recently asked us to pilot App Volumes for them.  We decided to go with the latest and greatest, and so used App Volumes 3.0... and that's turned out to have been a bit of a mistake.  Unfortunately, it appears that the 3.0 release may have been a bit premature, as it has some issues.  Specifically, you can't delete an AppStack once created (without a phone call with VMware technical support)... which is particularly difficult, as there's no way to upgrade an AppStack, instead the work flow is to copy the existing one and modify the copy.  Also, and this may have been an issue that was site specific, but we found that whenever we restarted our Capture machine, our AppStack creation process failed.

After a few weeks of wrestling with these issues, we decided to roll back to version 2.10 (ie. reinstall and go back to the older version).  2.10 worked much better for our purposes (we were able to capture applications that required reboots and could delete ou…

Changing vSphere Clients

Well, we all knew that this was coming, but VMware has announced that, as of the next release of vSphere, the C# client will no longer be supported.  So, what can you do if you hate Flash?  Well, there's a bit of good news on that front: VMware is moving to an HTML5 web client, instead of the Flash web client that we currently use.  And, more good news, if you'd like to try it out today, VMware has released an HTML5 Client Fling!  It can't do everything yet, but it can do many of the most common administrative actions and will hopefully see the rapid addition of functionality.

Just like all Flings, this is not supported by VMware.  That doesn't mean that using it will cancel your support or something, but it does mean that if you run into issues support is going to ask you to go back to the Flash client.  Since the HTML5 client Fling is available in addition to the Flash client, that should be rather painless.

Of course, other management tools (like PowerCLI) will cont…