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Deploying vCenter Server Appliance 6.5 Via the CLI

One of my customers wanted to deploy a new vCenter Server Appliance 6.5 environment.  I helped them build JSON answer files and deploy their VCSA 6.0 environment, so they asked me to update them for the new version.  The JSON file format has been updated a bit, so I decided to start fresh from the template to ensure that I had everything that we needed.  Most of it was self-explanatory, except that I ran into a bit of trouble at one point.

The template has a section like this, for determining where the appliances are going to be deployed:

"VC" : { ... "datacenter" : [ "parent folder", "child folder", "Datacenter" ] ... "target" : [ "parent folder", "child folder", "<ESXi host or DRS cluster>" ] ... } I had a bit of trouble understanding what data to enter into those fields, which was causing my appliance deployments to fail.  Fortunately, the error message was helpful (al…