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View Security Server Pairing

Ok, this one is going to be another short one - "just a few paragraphs" short, at least.  I was configuring some View Security Servers for a customer today and came across a bit of difficulty.  Of course I had to tweak the physical firewall (I always forget to enable bidirectional esp), so I had to stop the process, make the new rules and then start up the installer again.  No big deal.  I got to the pairing point and, since the prior install had begun, I figured that I'd better make a new pairing password, which I did and promptly entered into the security server.

"Invalid Password" the error box glibly told me.

Ok, must've been a typo, so I tried another password.  Still, no dice.  4 failed pairing passwords later, I'm starting to think that I've either lost my ability to type or made some fundamental ID:10T error (trying to pair with the wrong Connection Server, setting the pairing password on the wrong Connection Server... something like that), …

VDI Windows Update Script

When configuring Windows for use in VDI, we disable Windows Update.  Why push updates to 1,000 end points when you can instead update the master (be it a Linked Clone parent or an Operating System layer) and just switch everyone else over to the updated version?  Of course, your admins will still need to be able to update their master image, which isn't allowed if the Windows Update service is disabled.

I know that it's easy enough to go in, enable and start the service, apply updates and then disable the service once again... but if something's that easy to do and must be done over and over, it's probably worth scripting.  In fact, referencing the XKCD "Is It Worth The Time" chart (I'm so happy that I have an excuse to link to XKCD on here), since this is a monthly task and I'm probably shaving about 30 seconds off of the process, I can see that my 10 minutes spent looking up the commands to do this was time well spent!

Anyway, the script is super ba…