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PowerNSX Set-NSXFirewallRule AppliedTo Support

As you've seen from my recent blog posts, I've been doing a lot of NSX work recently.  One of my customers has been working on a distributed firewall redesign and, as part of this effort, we determined that we needed to change the "AppliedTo" field for all of their existing firewall rules.  Because they have hundreds of rules, we knew that we'd need some sort of automated solution, lest we introduce unknown errors through our attempts at making these changes by hand.  Given my past experiences with PowerNSX (and the fact that it's my primary NSX management interface), I figured that this would be super easy, barely an inconvenience.  Whoops!

PowerNSX is great, but it's a community tool at its core.  This means that the feature set that it has is limited to the intersection of features that the community has needed and those that the community has spent the time developing.  So, 99.999% of what I need is already there and I usually don't even need to t…