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Using PowerVRNI to Register Applications

One of my customers wants to use VRNI to better understand their environment.  They've been fairly disciplined about putting VMs into folders based on the application that the VM serves.  Unfortunately, they've been a little too good about putting the VMs in folders, as each application is broken up into several subfolders.  This causes a bit of a problem when we want to use VRNI to analyze an application's traffic, as the query flows where folder like *application* certainly works based on the VM folder... but it only looks at the immediate folder for the VM, rather than the whole path.  Since we had everything broken up into subfolders, that query doesn't do us much good here.

So, I put together a quick script that can scrape a vCenter inventory to register VRNI applications for each folder that it finds.  Those applications are named based on the absolute path of the VM folder, so that you can run queries like flows where application like *application* to find all n…