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Problem while Connecting Horizon 7.12 to vCenter

I was setting up a quick Horizon 7.12 PoC environment and ran into a bit of trouble getting Horizon to talk to vCenter.  Every time I tried to add the vCenter server to the Horizon environment, I got an error: "Certificate validation failed" and gave me no option to accept the certificate.  This was more than a little confusing because the vCenter server had a proper certificate signed by the enterprise CA and we verified that our Connection Server, as a domain member, trusted that CA and could even browse to vCenter via the web browser with no certificate issues. So, I did what we all do in this sort of situation; I started digging through the the logs.  Eventually, I found the line that I needed in the C:\programdata\vmware\vdm\logs\debug-<date>.txt log file on the Connection Server (after searching for my vCenter server's name to help narrow down the contents of the log): "Permission to perform this operation was denied." Well, that struck me as int

Error during Pre-Checks for vCSA Upgrade from 6.0 to 6.7

Hi everyone - I was helping a customer upgrade their vCenter Server Appliance from 6.0 to 6.7 and we came across a bit of trouble.  During the pre-upgrade checks phase, our logs revealed these errors: No file found matching /etc/vmware/install-defaults/cm.url No file found matching /etc/vmware-vpx/ No file found matching /etc/vmware-vpx/vc-extn-cisreg.prop Googling around revealed some possible DNS related issues, but we doublechecked that all of our DNS records were good so figured that was unlikely to be the issue.  So, after some more unfruitful research, we decided to check on the current version of the vCenter server.  It was a very early version of 6.0.  Lacking further direction, we went ahead and used the management interface (via port 5480) to download the latest 6.0 updates.  After those were applied, we tried the 6.7 upgrade once again and everything went great! So, if you come across those error messages, you may just need to upgrade to a newer version o