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Horizon View with Unidesk Network Flows and Operations

One of my customers recently asked me a question about his VDI environment.  I had given him a copy of my View 5 network flows diagram, but he was curious about what those flows actually do during day to day operations.  This struck me as a pretty important question, as the diagram is useful by itself when planning a new deployment, but when troubleshooting a problem it doesn't really help you to know where to look.  So, I typed up some explanations of what the system is doing on the back end during some common front end operations.  Since that's useful info, I figured that I should probably post it here in case it can help anyone else.
External User Connections
The External View Client initiates the TCP 443 connection to the Security Server.  This connection is used until the user selects the desktop to which they want to connectAfter the user initiates the TCP 443 connection, the Security Server connects to the Connection ServerThe Connection Server authenticates the user to …