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ProfileUnity Shortcut Creation Bug

I was deploying Liquidware Labs ProfileUnity for a customer last week and we came across an interesting bug that I wanted to make a quick note of.  It's a cool tool for managing the general user experience; pretty much everything that lives in the user's profile.  It largely obviates the need for using the Group Policy editor and wading through the pages and pages of GPO settings that can apply to desktops by putting many of the most common settings into a much easier interface.

One of the things that you can configure with ProfileUnity is shortcuts.  They can go on the Desktop or the Start Menu or any of the other places that you might want a shortcut to sit, and you can point them at pretty much anything that you'd like a shortcut to point at.  Great!  It's much easier to manage through their interface, as they allow you to filter who gets what shortcut and can automatically create them based on AD Group membership, etc.  It's great!  We did run into a small prob…