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vRealize Network Insight Overview

"It's the network!" seems like the battle-cry for some server teams.  I come from a system administration background; I get it.  When all of your services are running and the event logs look clear, it must be something external to the system... which is either the network, or something is being talked to through the network.  I've seen so many server guys chant that mantra, toss the problem over the fence and then wash their hands of the whole situation that I want to scream.  That said, I've also been in plenty of situations where I've brought a problem to the network team, asking them for help when I can't find anything wrong with a system.

One reason I like to go to the network team when I have a seemingly intractable issue is perspective.  Within a single server, I can drill down deep and get a good idea about what the applications on that server are doing, but it's much more difficult to get a picture of a whole solution.  The network team, with …

VMware Logon Monitor

When rolling out a VDI solution (or really, anything that touches on the user experience), it's crucial to understand how the change might impact the users and to ensure that they are left with a good impression of the solution.  They say that first impressions are most lasting, and the first impression that your users are going to see (for most solutions) is logon time.  That means that it's crucial that your solution does not negatively impact logon times, as that will color the entire experience.  So, how do you accurately measure it?

Well, VMware released a Fling called Logon Monitor (and, it's now baked into the Horizon 7.2 agent).  It's a tool that's sole purpose is to measure the logon process and to report on what's happening during a user logon.  After it's installed, it logs (with excruciating detail) everything that occurs during a logon, storing the file in a default location of C:\ProgramData\VMware\VMware Logon Monitor\Logs

It creates a file f…