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Deploying the vCloud Director OVAs from the Command Line

I've recently had the opportunity to do some work with a vCloud Director deployment, which has been a lot of fun! We've been working on a lab environment at the moment, and we want the ability to quickly redeploy the lab now and we want to be able to reliably deploy a similar configuration into production later. So, to that end, I spent a bit of time figuring out how to deploy the VCD Appliance via the CLI, and I'm ready to share my results!

I started by spending some quality time with the Deploying vCloud Director with the OVF Tool Guide to get an idea about what options I was going to need. There's a lot of options in there, and there's a moderate amount of variety to their syntax! After looking over the various options, it looks like we can basically break down the option syntax into 3 parts: a Paramter, a Name, and a Value. Various options use these parts in different combinations. Let's look at these lines from their example: