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HA fails to restart a virtual machine error...

One of my customers recently had a host throw a PSOD.  It's a large environment with appropriate spare capacity, so that wasn't a major issue.  I mean, we never want a host to go down, but we designed the environment to accommodate that situation and it largely responded well... except for 2 VMs.  They errored out, with a message saying that "vSphere HA unsuccessfully failed over this virtual machine... ...Reason: An error occured during host configuration".  We found a related event that said, "Operation failed, diagnostics report: Failed to open file /vmfs/volumes/<Datastore UUID>/.dvsData/<DVS UUID>/<Port Number> Status (bad0003)= Not found".  True to the error message, that file was not there.

VMware has a KB Article about this issue, but it's related to vSphere 5.0, when Storage vMotion fails to move a file that HA requires for tracking the VM on the Distributed vSwitch.  This customer is on vSphere 5.5 (and has been for a signifi…

vExpert 2016

We at ENS, Inc. got some good news this year!  Jeff, Dennis and I were all awarded vExpert status for 2016!  I'm proud that this is my third year as a vExpert and am looking forward to posting more of the scripts and tips that have gotten me so far.

Migrating from one vCenter to Another, Improved

9/15/2016 Update: I've updated these scripts with some new functionality.  I just posted a description of the new functionality as well as how to use the scripts in the context of a vCenter Upgrade.

A couple years ago, I made a blog post about a process that I use to migrate from one vCenter to another, and then I later created some scripts to facilitate that process.  Those scripts worked fine for me, but others have found some weaknesses.  Namely, they don't work if there are multiple folders in the inventory with the same name (such as VM\Project1\Production and VM\Project2\Production, where there are two folders named Production).  Also, I never thought about VMs in vApps, which don't technically have a parent folder.

So, I've been working on updated scripts.  I'm a little hesitant to post these, as I haven't actually used them to perform a migration yet, but there seems to be a lot of people who need them.  I've put together two scripts again - a get s…