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vSphere Environment Analysis

vSphere Infrastructure analysis is important, so I wrote this script to help me to easily get a quick understanding of a given environment.  This grew out of the CPU Ready script that I wrote several months ago, in addition to CPU Ready detection, it can check for Memory problems as well as report the maximum CPU Usage and Active Memory for every VM in an environment.

Usage: vm-analyze.ps1 -Stat <metric to examine> -VM <VM to examine> -Days <# of days to examine> -Threshold <Threshold % as an integer above which to report CPU Ready>

The script accepts the following for the Stat option:

cpuReadymemProblemcpuMaxmemMax The -VM option is optional - if it is included (as the name of a VM), the script will perform its work on that specific VM, otherwise it will analyze all VMs in the inventory.  The -Days option specifies how far back to analyze; it defaults to 6 days if not specified.  This can be important to play around with, as some of the examined metrics are not …

Windows 7 VDI Desktops

There are two very useful documents around making Windows 7 work in a VDI environment; I find myself searching for these with some frequency, in order to provide links for customers.  Given that frequency, I guess that it’s only appropriate that I make a quick post here about them.
The first one is the Windows 7 Optimization Guide.  This guide contains a lot of useful (really, vital) steps that make Windows 7 work well in a VDI environment.  It’s an excellent guide, with information as complex as how to make a customized Windows install or as simple as just running a batch file that makes the changes.  It also explains the changes in great detail, listing requirements vs. recommendations, so it is definitely worth a read.
The second one is a KB article.  When using multiple monitors, there will be “hitches” when a user drags a window from one monitor to the other.  To prevent this, you must change some VM advanced settings on that VM.  Beware, for making this change affects the way t…