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Moving Clustered VMs with Shared Physical Mode RDMs

This is probably one of those articles that's only going to apply to a tiny percentage of people within an already miniscule niche subset of a small population... but I'm proud of my work and so am going to post it here anyway.  One of my customers needs to move a bunch of VMs off of one SAN onto another.  Storage vMotion for the win, end of story, right?  Yes*

* 99% of the problem is absolutely solved with Storage vMotion, but I'm not in the business of leaving 1% unfinished.  In this case, that 1% was a bunch of older SQL Servers, set up in 2 node pairs using Microsoft Clustering Services via shared Physical Mode RDMs.  Yikes.

In theory, this process isn't too bad.  Just record the vital statistics about the RDMs, then detach them from the VMs, move the VMs (during an outage window, obviously), create new RDMs using the recorded data, and power everything back up.  This process depends on the new-harddisk cmdlet... but given that I'm writing about it here, you…