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Using the vRNI API through PowerShell

I've been plugging away with vRNI and the NSX Distributed firewall a lot, but that hasn't generally leant itself well to writing blog posts... until recently!  We are working on an auditing process to help us decommission NSX firewall rules in favor of policies.  Typically, when retiring a firewall rule, you would just change its priority so that it's below the newer Allow rules but still above the Deny rules, then wait a while and see if it still gets any hits.  In this situation, we're looking to retire some manually created firewall rules in favor of our new set of policy-driven rules, and you can't put manual rules in the middle of your policy rules... so the typical firewall procedure won't work here!
So, we've been working on a process to use vRNI to look at all traffic that's hitting a given firewall rule, then check on the policy-based rules and ensure that it will all be allowed by those rules.  The process itself is pretty simple, and looks li…