View Security Server Pairing

Ok, this one is going to be another short one - "just a few paragraphs" short, at least.  I was configuring some View Security Servers for a customer today and came across a bit of difficulty.  Of course I had to tweak the physical firewall (I always forget to enable bidirectional esp), so I had to stop the process, make the new rules and then start up the installer again.  No big deal.  I got to the pairing point and, since the prior install had begun, I figured that I'd better make a new pairing password, which I did and promptly entered into the security server.

"Invalid Password" the error box glibly told me.

Ok, must've been a typo, so I tried another password.  Still, no dice.  4 failed pairing passwords later, I'm starting to think that I've either lost my ability to type or made some fundamental ID:10T error (trying to pair with the wrong Connection Server, setting the pairing password on the wrong Connection Server... something like that), so I doublecheck all of my work.  It's all sound.  What's going on?

At a whim, I finally set a new pairing password, went "back" in the install Wizard on the Security Server (to where you specify the Connection Server with which you want to pair), waited 30 seconds and then proceeded.  It worked like a charm.  I'm not enough of a masochist to test this out thoroughly (read: I've got other things to do), but I suspect that it just takes a few seconds for the pairing password to "set" on the Connection Server.  Since I had my Security Server literally at the password input screen when I created the pairing password, I suspect that I was just trying to pair with the server before it was ready.  So, no big deal, despite a little frustration.


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