View Client Version Numbering

I don’t know if anyone else was confused about this, but VMware’s View Client versioning scheme is a little counterintuitive (at least, for Windows clients).  Thus, if you go to download the View client, make sure that you download what you really want.

Here’s the details:

First, you'll see that there are two major versions: Version 1.0 and Version 2.0.

Version 1.0 includes Windows View Client versions 5.2.1 and earlier, which corresponded nicely with Horizon View Server 5.2 and earlier.  After that, it gets a bit odd.

Version 2.0 includes Windows View Client versions 5.3.0 and newer.  Sounds easy… but what’s newer than 5.3.0?  Well, 5.4.0 is newer.  But, so is 2.2.0… and 2.3.0.

The reason that this happened is that some really cool features (mostly around media redirection and processing) have been developed as Client technologies without requiring changes on the server side (thus incrementing the Client version without incrementing the Server version).  The numbering then shifted downward (version 2.2.0 is the immediate successor to 5.4.0) in order to bring the Windows View Client version numbering in line with the Linux and Mac View Client version numbers, which operate independently of the View Server version numbering.  Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!


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