Finding a VM with a Particular MAC Address

One of my customers was recently troubleshooting a network issue and had tracked it down to a single VMware MAC Address.  They tasked me with finding that VM that had that MAC address assigned, which is not a simple process through the GUI.  Fortunately, it's a very easy problem to solve with a script, and so PowerCLI to the rescue.

All that I did with this script was get all of the VMs from vCenter, then loop through each one getting all of their NICs.  I then compared the MAC of that NIC against the MAC that the customer had identified, and we very swiftly had identified the problem VM.

$MacOfInterest = "00:50:56:7b:00:00"
$allVMs = Get-VM
foreach ($thisVM in $allVMs)
foreach ($thisAdapter in ($thisVM | Get-NetworkAdapter))
if ($thisAdapter.MacAddress -eq $MacOfInterest)
echo $


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