Yamaha P-95 Stand Screws

Yeah, I know that this isn’t Virtualization related, but I scoured the internet over the weekend and wasn’t able to come up with this bit of data (and so had to go the trial-and-error route)… and this is my best venue for adding it to the Google Index.  If you’re building a piano stand for a Yamaha P-95 B digital piano, you will need 4 very specific bolts in order to attach it to the stand.  Those bolts are standard 10-32, and the threaded holes on the bottom of the piano are at least an inch deep.  No, I'm not mechanically inclined and no, I don't know what those numbers mean besides a nebulous concept of "size".  And now back to our regularly scheduled programming.


  1. Thanks for posting this, as I was looking for this info. 10-32 is an imperial (US) size 10 (around 3/16 inch) with 32 threads per inch.

    It's very similar to the metric M5 thread though, in both diameter and pitch, so I was wondering if you checked whether M5 was a better/worse fit? I'd guess metric more likely in a modern device, especially coming from a Japanese company.

    1. Thanks for the clarification around what those numbers mean. I didn't try an M5 (to my knowledge) - my trial and error process was me grabbing a bunch of different sized bolts/screws that I had lying around until I found one that fit. I then took it to a hardware store and used one of their 'charts' (which was just a bunch of labeled nuts) to figure out what size it was. I then bought 4 of them and mounted the piano to the bench. It does sound like an M5 would be a more likely fit and that I just found something that's "good enough".

  2. M5 doesn't fit. I just tried it. Your original trial and error had better results. Thanks!


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